God has created each of us with a specific purpose and design. An important piece of our life as his church is to serve His mission in our design and give our time and resources in faith, trusting Him. When we serve on a team in His church, we’re stepping into the potential He placed in us. When we give, we’re stepping into new faith and trust in who He is!


As a church we have many opportunities to step out in faith and serve others in our church and throughout our community.  Here are a few areas where we are following God’s lead to put our love for God and others in to practice.

Image by Rémi Walle


As a church we allocate a portion of our budget to serve people in our church and community by helping them with everyday practical things.  Sometimes it's some much needed help with an electric bill and other times it may be an emergency car repair.  We have an amazing team of volunteers who serve in this ministry and help meet with and walk with each person that comes through our doors no matter what their circumstances.  This ministry operates on Wednesdays from 10am to 12pm in our Pullman offices at 588 SE Bishop.  No appointment needed just show up.  If you’d like to help support or serve in this ministry please contact us at:  benevolence@rlcpullman.com.

Image by Estelle Leroy


At any given week there are people within our own church and many in our community who fall on hard times and don’t have the means to provide food for themselves or their kids.  Our emergency food pantry is just that - A way for us as a church to ensure that no one goes without a meal when they desperately need one.  This isn’t designed to be a food bank with set operating hours.  For us it’s a resource to serve people in our church and community that we are connected with and care about.  If you or someone you know would benefit from this ministry please contact our office at 509.339.6365 or email:  benevolence@rlcpullman.com.

Happy Children


When children are taken from a home and placed in foster care it starts a process for the biological parent(s) to take the necessary actions to regain custody of their children. Once a parent has progressed to a certain point they are allowed to begin having supervised visits with their kids.  In our community there was a severe lack of meeting space and more often than not these visits, which often last several hours, were taking place in the McDonalds play area.  Working with our area case workers, department of family and children’s services we began to discuss how we could come alongside families that are in this process of restoration.  With generous donations from Real Life Church members, we were able to rent and furnish a 3 bedroom duplex. This provides an home environment for these families to engage with their kids and experience just a bit of normal in the midst of very trying times. The ministry use of the duplex has expanded to provide meeting space for foster family support groups, prayer groups, training and much more. 


We see no greater work at hand than being able to partner with God to restore relationships that sin broke.  If you would like to partner with us financially to help support this ministry or serve in this ministry please let us know at:  info@rlcpullman.com.



As a church we’re always looking for ways to connect people in our community to our God who loves them.  Throughout the year we have many events to help us do just that.  For halloween we have a great Trunk or Treat event at our offices where we connect with hundreds of kids and parents.  At Lentil Festival each year we host multiple booths where we paint faces, make balloon animals and get to interact with kids and parents.  Often times it is these simple interactions that help folks see that we’re the kind of people they might like to get to know and suddenly coming to visit our church and hear about our God doesn’t sound so weird.